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sitrans lu01SITRANS LU01


The SITRANS LU01 is an ultrasonic long-range level controller for liquids and solids in a single vessel up to 60 m (200 ft).
The system consists of a SITRANS LU01 monitor linked to a noncontacting ultrasonic transducer that can be mounted up to 365 m (1 200 ft) away. The SITRANS LU01 will measure distance, level or volume, and it features patented Sonic Intelligence echo processing software for superior reliability.
Readings are displayed in user-selectable linear engineering units on the backlit LCD.
Modules for popular industrial buses can be factory installed or added later to meet changing needs. No external gateway is required, reducing hardware and cabling costs.

Key Applications: chemical storage, liquid storage, bulk solids storage (gravel, flour bins, grains, cereals), plastic pellets.

Note: Hand Programmer shown is an accessory and must be ordered separately.
Supplementary Components are designed to work with most types of instrumentation to provide enhanced functionality such as remote displays and remote monitoring solutions. Please find more information here.


  • Single point, long-range level monitoring
  • Easy to install and easy to program using removable infrared keypad (optional)
  • Compatible with all Echomax transducers
  • Backlit LCD display with reading in standard engineering units
  • Automatic level-to-volume conversion for standard or custom tank shapes
  • Dolphin Plus compatible
  • High/low alarms