Rotary Paddle

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rotary paddle sitrans lps200SITRANS LPS200


SITRANS LPS200 is a rotary paddle switch for point level detection in bulk solids.
The paddle switch technology detects full, empty or demand conditions on materials such as grain, feed, cement, plastic granulate and wood chips. The paddle switch can handle bulk densities as low as 15 g/l (2.19 lb/ft³) with the optional hinged vane or 100 g/l (6.25 lb/ft³) with the standard measuring vane.
A low revolution geared motor with slip clutch drives a rotating measuring vane which senses the presence of material at the mounted level of the LPS200. As material comes into contact with the rotating paddle, rotation stops, which changes the microswitch state. When the paddle is no longer covered by material, rotation resumes and the relay reverts to its normal condition.
The LPS200 has a rugged design for use in harsh conditions in the solids industry. The sensitivity of the paddle can be adjusted for varying material properties like buildup on the vane.
The LPS200 comes in a variety of configurations including compact, extended and cable extension. It is equipped with a standard vane which is effective in most applications, but can be configured with a hinged or rectangular vane for increased sensitivity for light materials.

Key Applications: bulk solids such as grain, feed, cement, plastic granulate, wood chips


Range 100 mm to 10 m (4” to 30 ft)
Process Temperature -25 to 600 °C (-13 to 1112 °F)
Process Pressure Up to 10 bar g (145 psi g)


  • Proven paddle switch technology for bulk solids
  • High integrity mechanical seal
  • Optional switch selectable power supply
  • Unique friction clutch mechanism
  • Rotatable enclosure
  • Optional paddle for use with low density materials
  • Simple installation through existing process connection
  • High temperature model and optional extension kit available
  • Optional fail-safe configuration