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sitrans cu02SITRANS CU02


SITRANS CU02 is an alarm control unit, for use with SITRANS AS100 acoustic sensor, that provides reliable continuous protection for bulk solids flow.
The system can be readily configured for set points indicating such conditions as high flow, low flow or no flow. Alternatively, it can be added to a control loop via a 4 to 20 mA isolated output for trend monitoring proportional to the signal from the sensor.
Two relays are fully programmable and independent of each other and can be used to operate an alarm or control device. Alarming may be provided above or below a setpoint or within a band. Readings are also displayed locally by the SITRANS CU02 on its LCD.
The SITRANS CU02 may be mounted up to 500 m (1500 ft) from the sensor.
The SITRANS CU02 receives a 0 to 10 V DC input signal from the SITRANS AS100 sensor, providing relay and analog outputs for interface into a process.

Key applications: with SITRANS AS 100 for bulk solids flow


  • 4 to 20 mA output
  • Two programmable relays
  • Adjustable independent time delay for each relay
  • Adjustable start-up time delay
  • DIN rail mounting provides easy installation
  • Built-in password protection to parameters