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sitrans fut1010 gasSITRANS FUT1010 (Gas)


The SITRANS FUT1010 gas flowmeter is the perfect match for the gas industry. Featuring the WideBeam ultrasonic transit time technology, it achieves highly accurate flow measurement.
With the permanent TransLoc™ mounting system, the transducers are mounted on the outside of the pipe, preventing contact with the medium. It also enables custody transfer measurement accuracy of numerous gas installations.
The SITRANS FUT1010 is available in dual, three and four channel configurations. There are two enclosures to choose from: wall mount and wall mount explosionproof. Application examples include production wells, underground storage, gas processing and power plants.
The SITRANS FUT1010 is also available for measurement of liquid hydrocarbons.


Measuring range ±36.5 m/s (±120 ft/s) bidirectional
Nominal sizes DN 100 to DN 600 (4" to 24")
Calibrated accuracy ±0.2% at ≥0.3 m/s (1 ft/s)
Repeatability ±0.05 to 0.1% at ≥0.3 m/s (1 ft/s)
Inputs 4 analog
Outputs 4 digital, 4 isolated, 2 programmable
Communication RS232, MODBUS RTU RS232/485
Medium temperature -28 to 93 °C (-20 to 200 °F)
Enclosure ratings Wall mount: IP65 (NEMA 4X) 
Wall mount explosionproof: IP66 (NEMA 7)
Flange ratings ANSI 300, 600
Approvals ATEX (PED), FM, CSA, CRN


  • Adheres to manufacturing process and accuracy requirements per AGA-9
  • Allows measurement of standard volume flow for fixed gas compositions without the need for a separate flow computer per AGA-8
  • Accommodates numerous applications with choice of flange ratings
  • Measures numerous applications found in the upstream, midstream and downstream gas segments