Rotary Piston

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rotary pistonRotary piston flow meter SITRANS F R


SITRANS F R rotary piston flow meters from Siemens are bestsellers. The benefits offered by their conventional mechanical measuring technique include reliability, precision and a robust design for measuring aggressive media and high-viscosity fluids. Viscosities ranging from less than one mPa.s to 350,000 mPa.s are no problem for the reliable rotary-piston meter

Rotary piston flow meter application examples: Petroleum industry, Raw material industry


Media Temperature Max. 300 °C
Max. 572 °F
Accuracy ±0,2%
Liquid Pressure Up to 63 bar 
Up to 914 psi


  • High measuring accuracy (approved for custody transfer)
  • Suitable for flow rates up to 1000 l/min (264 USgpm)
  • Low dependence on viscosity
  • Low pressure drop
  • Simple compact design
  • Wide range of available materials, e.g. plastic lining for particularly corrosive liquids