Conductivity Measurement

conductivity measurementNew conductivity sensor CombiLyz® AFI4

Sensitivity and precision at their best

The CombiLyz® AFI4 is an inductive conductivity transmitter for media analysis, differentiation and separation. It is designed to meet industrial and hygienic requirements in applications with medium to high range conductivity.

CombiLyz® consists of a conductivity sensor and a transmitter accommodated in a single, compact housing. There are two outputs with active loop 4...20 mA, one for conductivity or concentration and one for temperature. The CombiLyz® sensor in PEEK is hermetically sealed to provide 3A approval and compliance to FDA and the EU directives10/2011, 1935/2004, 2023/2006. EHEDG approval is pending. Thanks to a divergence of a mere 1% and a Pt100 temperature sensor, CombiLyz® AFI4 provides fast and reliable data and ensures low total cost of ownership.

pdf   CombiLyz® AFI4/AF15


Process Displays

process displays"Easy, fast and safe."

Process displays in stainless steel housing

The big and easy to read process displays built into an Ø80 mm stainless steel housing give you an easy, fast and safe indication of the state in any process. With standard process input Pt100 or 4…20 mA, the instrument can work as a stand-alone instrument for wall, panel or tube mounting or as a built-in display in a PFMx pressure transmitter or a TFRx temperature sensor.


Force / Strain Sensors

Force Strain Sensors"Implementing customer-specific requirements cost-efficiently"

Baumer force sensors and strain sensors ensure precision, maximum process stability and reproducible results during direct and indirect measuring. We guarantee > 10 million cycles, a precision of 0.1% FS and the smallest possible temperature drift. Our sensors prove themselves thousands of times every day: in modern injection molding machines or in crude oil drilling heads under extreme environmental influences, in electromechanical brakes for wind power plants or for process monitoring and quality assurance in the food industry and in medical engineering.

As a supplier of well-known OEM manufacturers, we make a point of understanding our customers' clientele and supporting their process optimization efforts.



counters"Countable. Measurable. Reliable."

Counters and position displays

When it comes to position monitoring, movement control, speed or rotational speed monitoring, linear measurement, flow rate display, operating hour monitoring, or quantity counting – Baumer counters and electronic tachometers are just right for the job.